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Add a Little Sugar!

Life can be crazy! You just never know what is around the corner for you. You don’t  know what you will get in your next life basket. You don’t know what choices you will make or how you will handle the things in that basket!  Sometimes it is an easy choice because your basket is full of flowers and chocolates. Sometimes that basket is unwelcome and full of stress and challenges. You just never know!
How you deal with each basket you are delivered  is really the foundation of your life. Do you look at each basket with optimism and find the good? Or do you expect to not like your basket and have a hard time seeing the good that is right in front of you?  You know that old saying of turning lemons into lemonade??

We all get the unwelcome baskets. There isn’t a person living who hasn’t experienced negative or even potentially crippling circumstances in their life. We all know what loss feels like. We all know what pain feels like. We all need oxygen to breath.

So why does it seem that some have it easy? Why are some people able to traverse the baskets of life with barely a hair out of place while others look and feel like they have been to hell and back?

My theory is simple. I think it is all in how you view life.

If you look at life as a challenge and something you have to find the strength to endure then when you get the unwelcome baskets you have nothing to fall back on. No belief that the next will be better. No reserved strength. Only the feeling of heaviness that this basket is too hard. and unfair.

However, If you see life as a gift and are grateful for each and every moment then even when you get the unwelcome baskets of life, you are fortified by your belief that this is only one basket and the next one will be better. It’s hard to be beat down when you love life!

So for me it is all in the eye of the beholder. Like so much of life perception is everything!  My husband was a policeman for 25 years and I remember him saying many times how each and every witness to a crime would view it differently. See different things, remember different things. So their account of the incident would be different from others. Yet they had all viewed the same thing!

Just like life! You can’t see it like others because we all see things with different eyes and perceptions based largely on past circumstances and our personal expectations.

I believe with all my heart,you can choose how you see your baskets of life! You can make choices to see and find the good in your life.

Just remember how good that lemonade tastes when you add a little sugar!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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