Home is Where You Wear Yoga Pants!

Who you present to the world, decides your quality of interaction with every being you encounter. If you only show a third of yourself than a third of you is all most will see. If you hold in who you really are you are not only being unfair to others but you are being very unfair to yourself. It is a quandary, as most of us want to be loved for our real selves and yet very few of us trust our real selves to the world. Then we lament that people just don’t know us!!

I don’t know about you, but when I sense that someone is not being authentically true to who they are, I disconnect from them. The “show room” tour of someone, is never my cup of tea. I find it a waste of my time because you sense that what you are being shown, has been made all pretty for company. It feels cold, sterile and fake. Where is all their stuff??

I want to see in their closets and pull out their dresser drawers. That is where all the good stuff is kept. That is how you get to really know someone.

I would rather be shown their real ‘home’ with all the clutter, pillows unfluffed, a glass sitting on the counter, a half- filled garbage container sitting out and a dog to trip over on the way to the couch! Now that feels warm and inviting and makes you want to stay curled up for a long visit!

Letting others see us, see our ‘home’, is something we all struggle with I know, because I am the first one to run around doing a quick dust if my doorbell rings. But we must learn to get over that and let people see the real us!

You know how you are when you are relaxing on a Saturday morning at home?  Yoga pants, bagging t-shirt, hair up in a twist knot and just a splash of perfume on because you skipped your shower to have a coffee and lounge with your dog?  Well that soul is vulnerable, real and someone I really want to get to know!

Sure there are times we have to get dressed up to our ‘show room’ look with hair, makeup, nails, heels and a cute little purse, but we all know how uncomfortable we are like that, because what is the first thing you do when you get home? Kick off your heels, change into your yoga pants and put your hair up in a twist knot! You get comfy!!

We have to learn to let our comfy out to play! The only way others will ever see the real you is if you allow yourself to put away the ‘show room’ you and be the comfy ‘home’ you. The one you reserve for only those few trusted loved ones who know and love all the clutter mess that is you!

Why not give it a chance? Why not see if the world will love the real you too? Who knows, maybe you shining your true authentic light will show others that they too can shed their ‘show room’ facades and present the world with their true selves. It could snowball, and before you know it our world would be full of comfy, happy, souls being their authentic selves.  A world full of people that love each other for all our differences and imperfections that truly make us human. Imagine how it would feel to live in that world!!

It starts with each of us taking the chance and letting ourselves shine true!  Open that door to you, smile and invite us in!  After all, we all have a pair of yoga pants just waiting at ‘home’!

Ready, Set…Jump!

I watched my 8 year old great niece achieve a dream of hers last night, and I was so very proud of her for jumping and trusting herself!

She set a goal with clear intentions and followed through with it. She had nerves but spent the week sending out positive thoughts to herself and the universe,  saying over and over…”You can do this” !

I know this, because her mom told me she over heard her constant validation to herself throughout the week. She wanted something and set her goal, told herself it was possible and achieved it in front of thousands of people. She rocked and the positive energy around her was amazing to feel! Her joy in succeeding was truly wonderful.

Now most would say she is too young to know about setting positive intentions, but I don’t believe age is a determining factor, I believe trust in yourself is the key!

Deciding to be positive and trust in yourself can be one of the hardest of lessons to learn in this life.

It’s scary trusting yourself! It’s the biggest leap of faith you will ever take because you only have yourself to rely on. Or at least that is how it feels.

In fact, I believe you have the whole universe with all the infinite power that entail to lean on, but it is funny how it works. If you don’t believe wholly the power isn’t there. You have to totally believe you can for it to be a reality!

That belief can be hard won as there is no way to know for sure unless you believe. I guess that is sort of the test.

You have to have faith in yourself.  You have to jump before you can see where you will land.  You have to jump and put your fear away because fear stops us from moving forward and following our needs and dreams. Fear can stop us from following our soul paths. Fear stops you from trusting yourself and fear stops the universe from responding to your call because you then send out mixed messages of wanting to jump and wanting to stay. So the universe does nothing. See how that works?

I still struggle with this trust. Sometimes it is clear as day to me and other times I allow negative thoughts and fears to cover my light. When I trust and follow through with clear intentions, inevitably the light shines for me. If I allow even slivers of fear to stop my intentions, then things seem to halt and I am filled with doubt and worry. It is all about what energy I send out!

Energy isn’t all that complicated. It is like to like. Negative energy attracts more negative energy. Positive energy attracts positive energy. So it seems simple enough that if you want positive energy around you, you have to give out positive energy! Every thought you think or say, every feeling you emit has an energy around it. That energy is sent out to the world, in fact to the universe! So you have to decide who you are and what kind of energy you want around you. Then set your intentions and trust yourself!

We really are the masters of our own universe. Make yours one filled with light, love and possibilities!

The Train Ride

I have had a few life changing moments this year, that have made me appreciate even more, how fleeting our time here can be. Life is but a second of eternity but a precious beautiful second!

I remember my Mom telling me how the older you got the faster life moved. I was young with the rest of my life in front of me and laughed at her thought, but now I understand. Youth gives us wings to fly and try and age gives us the wisdom to appreciate those moments.

With that in mind I was remembering a wonderful analogy I was given many years ago that has helped me to understand more clearly how our lives hold change not only with time but with people coming and going in our lives. This has helped me through many life moments and I want to share my version of it with you now!

Life is like a train ride. In the beginning you board the train and you know most of the people on the train with you, like your Parents and siblings. As a child you expect that you will always have the same people riding the train with you as passengers, all on the same trip. But everyone has a different path and so their train rides are different. As the train moves along the track there are train stops and people board and depart. We never know who is departing or at which stop they will depart. Just as we don’t know who will board and for how long they will share our train ride. We don’t know if we will be close with the people boarding or if they will remain strangers on the same train. Just like life, this is all unknown, and just like life we don’t know when it is time for someone to depart at their train stop.

We only know that every one is on their own train ride!  We can only control how we respond to the boarding and departing. When people leave it isn’t because they didn’t want to stay but only because it was their time to depart. Their train stop.  We never know what happens to the people getting off the train. We don’t know if they are connecting with another train with another destination or if that stop was their destination stop. We don’t know if we will someday be on the same train with them again or if that was our last glimpse. We sometimes don’t even know when our own stop arrives until we see it and jump up to get off the train. Perhaps with another destination in mind or just to stay right there at that place.  

The only thing we know for sure is we are each on our own train ride and regardless of who you are, perhaps it is best to just live, laugh, love and enjoy the ride!  After all the view is amazing!

Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one
else has thought.” …Einstein”

Are You Your Own Worse Enemy?

Learning to value yourself is a process. Getting rid of our negative self thoughts can feel very much like peeling off layers that have been built into our core with each life experience. Depending on how your were raised and how much validation and love you were given as you grew, you can have high self esteem or none at all. It takes work to learn to love and value yourself, as life has a way of challenging those thoughts. 

So many things in life depend on how they are nurtured and valued as they grow.

 Our art is just the same and needs to have tender loving care, in order to grow. That all comes from you the artist! If you don’t value your art then others won’t either.  Just like if you don’t value yourself then others won’t either. We set the standard from within! Finding value in your art is not a matter of how much money you make selling it. It comes from within and needs you to validate it.

 When you give life to something and find only fault with it, that corks your creative energy. Finding fault with something you have created is sort of like faulting yourself! Those inner conversations we all have can be the death of our art! If we say it enough times it becomes your truth! You become your own worse enemy!

Instead we need to learn to find the value in each piece. Maybe it needs more and was only the foundation to an amazing piece! Maybe it  was a good learning experience so you now know how that works? Maybe it got rid of frustration and energy inside you that needed an escape!

So it all has value! Just like we have value! We have to stop judging ourselves and what we create and instead find that self love place that allows us to just create! After all we didn’t learn to walk the first time we stood up! Everything in life that gives us worth takes time to create! Be that a family, a career or a magical piece of art!

Midnight Sea – 22×28 acrylic on canvas

Midnight-Sea (1)

Whistle in Your Zen

We have been painting our home with new colours and I actually joined in this time! Or I should say I was ‘allowed’ to paint. I know it sounds strange, what with me being an artist, that I haven’t painted walls before, but have you met my husband? He is very very VERY detailed oriented and a perfectionist. I on the other hand am not those things! In fact that is why I love my abstracts as they allow me to colour outside the lines!! However I did pitch in this weekend as we want to put our house up for sale and time counts.
I was given the “Rules”. I was the “W” (I think that stands for walls!!)painter and my husband was the trim and edging man. It went very well and I think I earned brownie points for staying on task and following the rules! The word ‘Perfect” even came from his mouth which if you knew him, is high praise indeed!! I know the rest of my family will smile indulgently when I say I helped, thinking I only held the ladder or moved a chair!! You can’t really blame them as I am not much of a handyman, but I will know that not only did I paint but I used a screwdriver and took off and replaced all light switch and electrical covers!!

Anyway, with the hours of painting I realiized something quite amazing.! That I could go to my Zen Place of painting even with walls being my canvas!

It made me wonder if others find their Zen places in work too? Does the roofer find an inner peace from hammering nails? Does a drywall person go there as they apply and smooth? I have always known that artistic endeavours like music and poetry take people to their Zen place but I never thought about other venues that were seemingly not artistic. Is this why fishermen love to fish? Why boaters find  such joy? Why Chef’s get lost in their tastes and smells?

Here I thought Zen painting was a place where I was fortunate enough to go and it turns out that many many things can take one to this place of peace. Which leads one to think it isn’t the activity so much as the state of mind you allow yourself to enjoy! Maybe the  Sleeping Beauty  Dwarves had it right and everyone can “Whistle while they Work”?? You just have to have the mindset of feeling happy while you work!

Who knew the key to happiness isn’t just about our relaxing happy times but can also be applied to even the mundane yet never the less joyful thing called work! Just set your mind to happy and everything you do can lead you down the road to Whistle in your Zen!

Say Hello to You

Do you know you? There is a distinct way each of us must find to connect to our inner selves and cores. It is interesting to me how each of us finds our way inside to ourselves.  Some use their passions in forms of art and music. Others use physical exercise, others listen to spiritual guidance. There are also a ton of books and videos that will take you on the path of the author or commentator, but and this is a big but, all anyone can do is share what works for them. I think that anything that opens the door to your inner self and starts you exploring you is a good thing. Others experiences and knowledge can be a helpful starting point, but I also believe that our own unique journey inward must come from a most personal perspective. There is no way that one way works for all. This is not a one size fits all journey.

I have always disliked one size fits all perspectives. In cloths and in life. It limits us right from the get go on what the creator of that one size felt was right. Most women can relate to this simply by remembering the last one size fits all piece of clothing we tried on. How in the world can one size fit all when we come in so many different sizes? The same can be said for our soul connecting. How can one perspective possibly fit all? To believe that, you have to believe that we all start out the same, experience every experience the same and respond the same to each of those experiences. Impossible odds that! Doomed to failure just like when a size 4 and size 16 woman are expected to wear the same one size top!

My art has been my way of connecting to my inner self on a very personal level. Through this expression I have discovered me and learned more about myself than other venues I tried over the years. Painting and creating opens me and has torn down walls and built new avenues into me that I never knew existed.

Getting to know yourself is a lifetime journey because every experience gives us a knew perspective, so the journey into ourselves is never ending. This isn’t a bad thing in fact it is exciting! I think if you listen quietly to your inner conversations you will learn more about yourself than 100 books , written by 100 other people, can teach you.
So how do you start to connect with your inner self and begin trusting and getting to know you?

First off almost everyone has had experience with our inner selves giving us advice and ideas.  You know those times when thoughts and ideas come to you, sometimes from out of the blue! Those times when you get a distinct shove from inside saying Yes! Those are times your inner you is talking to you!  Learn to trust and listen to those inner conversations. The more you listen the more you will hear. Look on it like getting reacquainted with an old trusted friend. One you maybe haven’t seen or talked to in a long while.

You know how when you meet an old friend and at first the conversation is stilted then as you warm up and remember each other the conversation starts to flow freely? Connecting with yourself is very much the same. At first it will feel strange and stilted, but soon it will feel familiar and eventually it will be like a safe, comfortable fire side chat with an old friend.  Hello and welcome home!

Moments Matter

It always amazes me how art and life often are teachers of the same lessons.  Like a painting will have many layers that peek out and give base and balance to art, life too is made up of a layering of experiences giving you your own uniqueness. These layers are made up of moments. Moments that when “painted together” give us the many layers that form our beauty and our strengths.

Often we don’t appreciate the little moments of life and instead rush forward to what we see a big moments, yet without the base of the little moments the bigger ones would have no foundation. Just like many little things that make a piece of art are not always appreciated and yet without them the piece would not shine.
We need to live in all our moments both large and small and appreciate each one with gratitude, because every moment is as important as another in the fabric of life. Planning and dreaming of the future is great but so is the here and now. We must be careful to not become so focused on the future that we skip through the every day moments.  Be grateful you have these moments, as there are people who would envy you the moments you throw away.

Being authentically here in your life is really the best way to honour yourself and your gift of life. Be involved in your daily moments and absorb each layer of the painting of your life. Every detail, every colour is yours and yours alone. No one else can paint your life and no one else will every have your exact moments so beautifully layered into what is ultimately your own piece of art

My Newest Piece  “Forever”  16×20      For my sister Shez RIP xox

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” …Einstein


   The Ripple of Life

Do you ever wonder if you make a difference in the world? Do you think about your life as just  ordinarily normal and so not worth the value of some others? I think is a pretty common thought to compare our lives to others  and feel we come up short on the value scale.

Personally, I think every life is of value. Your place in society or money in your bank account does not make your life worth more or less than another’s. That is not the scale we should use to place value on life.

You don’t have to do extraordinary things to live a life of value. You don’t have to be a super hero and save the world!  You just have to  have to be kind and gentle in your self judgement, and allow yourself to feel good about you. That is how you give value to your life!

What we each see as valuable might be different too! That is ok, in fact that is fabulous, and what makes us all so awesome! Learn to appreciate your own special uniqueness. We are not all going to paint a masterpiece, develop a life saving medicine or do something that changes the lives of millions.

However, I believe we are all capable of changing the world by finding our own value. It is all matter of perception. Once you see your life as one of value then the ripple effect takes place and we start to see the value in everyone!

That expression ‘love yourself” is spot on and once you love yourself enough to value your life then you can start to share that love of life.

That is how it works because feeling happy is not a feeling that can be kept in, and it will naturally flow outward!  That is how we can all make big changes in the world. Giving value to ourselves, one ripple at a time!

Add a Little Sugar!

Life can be crazy! You just never know what is around the corner for you. You don’t  know what you will get in your next life basket. You don’t know what choices you will make or how you will handle the things in that basket!  Sometimes it is an easy choice because your basket is full of flowers and chocolates. Sometimes that basket is unwelcome and full of stress and challenges. You just never know!
How you deal with each basket you are delivered  is really the foundation of your life. Do you look at each basket with optimism and find the good? Or do you expect to not like your basket and have a hard time seeing the good that is right in front of you?  You know that old saying of turning lemons into lemonade??

We all get the unwelcome baskets. There isn’t a person living who hasn’t experienced negative or even potentially crippling circumstances in their life. We all know what loss feels like. We all know what pain feels like. We all need oxygen to breath.

So why does it seem that some have it easy? Why are some people able to traverse the baskets of life with barely a hair out of place while others look and feel like they have been to hell and back?

My theory is simple. I think it is all in how you view life.

If you look at life as a challenge and something you have to find the strength to endure then when you get the unwelcome baskets you have nothing to fall back on. No belief that the next will be better. No reserved strength. Only the feeling of heaviness that this basket is too hard. and unfair.

However, If you see life as a gift and are grateful for each and every moment then even when you get the unwelcome baskets of life, you are fortified by your belief that this is only one basket and the next one will be better. It’s hard to be beat down when you love life!

So for me it is all in the eye of the beholder. Like so much of life perception is everything!  My husband was a policeman for 25 years and I remember him saying many times how each and every witness to a crime would view it differently. See different things, remember different things. So their account of the incident would be different from others. Yet they had all viewed the same thing!

Just like life! You can’t see it like others because we all see things with different eyes and perceptions based largely on past circumstances and our personal expectations.

I believe with all my heart,you can choose how you see your baskets of life! You can make choices to see and find the good in your life.

Just remember how good that lemonade tastes when you add a little sugar!

Grow your Apples!

With the close of 2015 I like most people have been reflecting on the year past and years to come. It came to me that most of us live our lives in “when” moments.  When I win the lotto! When I retire! When I get that promotion! Then I will………….. and we say what will make life perfect then!

So with all of this milling around in my mind I woke up last night at 2:22 AM! I noted the time  and mention it now, only because it was so strange! The thoughts that flowed from my dream state of awakening ,as I made my way to the kitchen were…….What would you change in your life right now? and most important …Why wait?? What is holding me back now? Why am I waiting for ‘When” and not living in the moment of now?

I think what really got my mind heading in this direction was this amazing video I saw floating around Facebook!  We were given the thought that we were all apple trees, and apple trees don’t think about what happens to their apples they just produce apples. This is their joy and their journey!  It made me think of how much we try to control every aspect of our lives instead of just being! Instead of just growing our apples! We worry about who will pick the apples, what will they do with the apples, will they be good apples, worthy apples. We want to use our GPS to see our destination and  navigate our lives. See the apple tree doesn’t think about all of that it just grows the best apples it can grow and let’s the universe worry about the rest!  It kinda makes a lot of sense because just like a GPS if you miss a turn or take a wrong turn the GPS finds a way to steer you back to your destination. Life is like that too and sometimes the wrong turn is the best one!

Perhaps that is a good lesson for us all to take in. Just do the best you can, live in the moment and  trust that your tomorrows will be equally wonderful! Trust your internal GPS to get you where you need to be and expereince what you need to  in this life! Just be happy with where you are right now and let tomorrows happy happen! It kinda goes with the whole law of attraction.thing as well because  if you believe it, live it and trust in it…….it will come to you!

Isn’t it funny how how of these things lead us back to one thing……
Live your life in the now and grow your apples!