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Grow your Apples!

With the close of 2015 I like most people have been reflecting on the year past and years to come. It came to me that most of us live our lives in “when” moments.  When I win the lotto! When I retire! When I get that promotion! Then I will………….. and we say what will make life perfect then!

So with all of this milling around in my mind I woke up last night at 2:22 AM! I noted the time  and mention it now, only because it was so strange! The thoughts that flowed from my dream state of awakening ,as I made my way to the kitchen were…….What would you change in your life right now? and most important …Why wait?? What is holding me back now? Why am I waiting for ‘When” and not living in the moment of now?

I think what really got my mind heading in this direction was this amazing video I saw floating around Facebook!  We were given the thought that we were all apple trees, and apple trees don’t think about what happens to their apples they just produce apples. This is their joy and their journey!  It made me think of how much we try to control every aspect of our lives instead of just being! Instead of just growing our apples! We worry about who will pick the apples, what will they do with the apples, will they be good apples, worthy apples. We want to use our GPS to see our destination and  navigate our lives. See the apple tree doesn’t think about all of that it just grows the best apples it can grow and let’s the universe worry about the rest!  It kinda makes a lot of sense because just like a GPS if you miss a turn or take a wrong turn the GPS finds a way to steer you back to your destination. Life is like that too and sometimes the wrong turn is the best one!

Perhaps that is a good lesson for us all to take in. Just do the best you can, live in the moment and  trust that your tomorrows will be equally wonderful! Trust your internal GPS to get you where you need to be and expereince what you need to  in this life! Just be happy with where you are right now and let tomorrows happy happen! It kinda goes with the whole law of attraction.thing as well because  if you believe it, live it and trust in it…….it will come to you!

Isn’t it funny how how of these things lead us back to one thing……
Live your life in the now and grow your apples!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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