The Ripple of Life

Do you ever wonder if you make a difference in the world? Do you think about your life as just  ordinarily normal and so not worth the value of some others? I think is a pretty common thought to compare our lives to others  and feel we come up short on the value scale.

Personally, I think every life is of value. Your place in society or money in your bank account does not make your life worth more or less than another’s. That is not the scale we should use to place value on life.

You don’t have to do extraordinary things to live a life of value. You don’t have to be a super hero and save the world!  You just have to  have to be kind and gentle in your self judgement, and allow yourself to feel good about you. That is how you give value to your life!

What we each see as valuable might be different too! That is ok, in fact that is fabulous, and what makes us all so awesome! Learn to appreciate your own special uniqueness. We are not all going to paint a masterpiece, develop a life saving medicine or do something that changes the lives of millions.

However, I believe we are all capable of changing the world by finding our own value. It is all matter of perception. Once you see your life as one of value then the ripple effect takes place and we start to see the value in everyone!

That expression ‘love yourself” is spot on and once you love yourself enough to value your life then you can start to share that love of life.

That is how it works because feeling happy is not a feeling that can be kept in, and it will naturally flow outward!  That is how we can all make big changes in the world. Giving value to ourselves, one ripple at a time!


Add a Little Sugar!

Life can be crazy! You just never know what is around the corner for you. You don’t  know what you will get in your next life basket. You don’t know what choices you will make or how you will handle the things in that basket!  Sometimes it is an easy choice because your basket is full of flowers and chocolates. Sometimes that basket is unwelcome and full of stress and challenges. You just never know!
How you deal with each basket you are delivered  is really the foundation of your life. Do you look at each basket with optimism and find the good? Or do you expect to not like your basket and have a hard time seeing the good that is right in front of you?  You know that old saying of turning lemons into lemonade??

We all get the unwelcome baskets. There isn’t a person living who hasn’t experienced negative or even potentially crippling circumstances in their life. We all know what loss feels like. We all know what pain feels like. We all need oxygen to breath.

So why does it seem that some have it easy? Why are some people able to traverse the baskets of life with barely a hair out of place while others look and feel like they have been to hell and back?

My theory is simple. I think it is all in how you view life.

If you look at life as a challenge and something you have to find the strength to endure then when you get the unwelcome baskets you have nothing to fall back on. No belief that the next will be better. No reserved strength. Only the feeling of heaviness that this basket is too hard. and unfair.

However, If you see life as a gift and are grateful for each and every moment then even when you get the unwelcome baskets of life, you are fortified by your belief that this is only one basket and the next one will be better. It’s hard to be beat down when you love life!

So for me it is all in the eye of the beholder. Like so much of life perception is everything!  My husband was a policeman for 25 years and I remember him saying many times how each and every witness to a crime would view it differently. See different things, remember different things. So their account of the incident would be different from others. Yet they had all viewed the same thing!

Just like life! You can’t see it like others because we all see things with different eyes and perceptions based largely on past circumstances and our personal expectations.

I believe with all my heart,you can choose how you see your baskets of life! You can make choices to see and find the good in your life.

Just remember how good that lemonade tastes when you add a little sugar!

Grow your Apples!

With the close of 2015 I like most people have been reflecting on the year past and years to come. It came to me that most of us live our lives in “when” moments.  When I win the lotto! When I retire! When I get that promotion! Then I will………….. and we say what will make life perfect then!

So with all of this milling around in my mind I woke up last night at 2:22 AM! I noted the time  and mention it now, only because it was so strange! The thoughts that flowed from my dream state of awakening ,as I made my way to the kitchen were…….What would you change in your life right now? and most important …Why wait?? What is holding me back now? Why am I waiting for ‘When” and not living in the moment of now?

I think what really got my mind heading in this direction was this amazing video I saw floating around Facebook!  We were given the thought that we were all apple trees, and apple trees don’t think about what happens to their apples they just produce apples. This is their joy and their journey!  It made me think of how much we try to control every aspect of our lives instead of just being! Instead of just growing our apples! We worry about who will pick the apples, what will they do with the apples, will they be good apples, worthy apples. We want to use our GPS to see our destination and  navigate our lives. See the apple tree doesn’t think about all of that it just grows the best apples it can grow and let’s the universe worry about the rest!  It kinda makes a lot of sense because just like a GPS if you miss a turn or take a wrong turn the GPS finds a way to steer you back to your destination. Life is like that too and sometimes the wrong turn is the best one!

Perhaps that is a good lesson for us all to take in. Just do the best you can, live in the moment and  trust that your tomorrows will be equally wonderful! Trust your internal GPS to get you where you need to be and expereince what you need to  in this life! Just be happy with where you are right now and let tomorrows happy happen! It kinda goes with the whole law of attraction.thing as well because  if you believe it, live it and trust in it…….it will come to you!

Isn’t it funny how how of these things lead us back to one thing……
Live your life in the now and grow your apples!

Enjoy Yourself!

                                                                                                                                          December 2015

I just love Christmas time! You know why? I love seeing  how happy everyone feels and  the energy of people who are full of easy smiles. I just love the spirit of the season!

But the hustle and bustle of everything that needs to be done can overshadow the simple beauty of the season if we let it!  Remember as we float into the Christmas season that the most important thing you have to do is smile and enjoy. The rest of it will work out, it always does!
This wasn’t an easy lesson for me to learn and just like most mom’s,  over the years I spent  a lot time trying to find the perfect gift, wrapping them up all special, baking, cooking and cleaning to make Christmas wonderful!  Yet  now when my grown children visit and we  talk about  Christmas past do you know what we remember??  Christmas Eve’s  with all the family and friends packed together  loving each other, sharing a bite and singing carols!!  Memories of driving around looking at Christmas lights!  Christmas morning with breakfast smells baking in the oven and music playing,or something funny that someone said or a game we played! Or the time the oven didn’t work and the turkey wasn’t cooked till  8 pm!!
As the years roll by it  becomes clearer to me that of all the things I did trying to make it the best Christmas ever for my family, the most important things cost nothing!  The memories we most treasure have little to do with things and everything to do with family and love!  No one remembers what presents they got for Christmas 5 years ago but the memory of times together laughing and loving those are the ones that we recall and treasure. The lesson I have learned is  I no longer worry about everything being perfect and I just enjoy the season!
So this season give yourself that gift! The gift of taking time to enjoy all those small beautiful moments and if that means Auntie Costco“ does the baking then that is just fine!  It is way more soul rewarding to watch that silly Santa movie cuddled up on the couch or play a board game with the kids! There are a million wonderful lovely things you can do that only require you to.  be present and smiling. The perfect way to enjoy the spirit of the season is to enjoy it all!  After all  the most important moments don`t  come from an oven or a store but from the heart!

Do You Make a Difference?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about how some people make such a difference to the world, and wondering why some people do and some people don’t.. The difference to me seems to this. So many people spend their time all wrapped up in their own world. They can’t see past the walls of their own making. Walls painted with their own colours and decorated to fit. Feeling secure and safe, and unchallenged to change. They stay in their own worlds and never leave!

Then there are people who don’t stay only in their own world but are in fact other world travellers! They visit, they invest, they share and they explore! These are the people who change things. These are the people who make others change things. They show us that there is more to life than just their world. They teach us all that by giving and sharing we enrich our own worlds. That by giving your receive! Without these people we would all be living in our isolated worlds happily content to think that is all there is, oblivious to wonder of other world travel. Never knowing the joy that can be experienced by simply giving!
These World travellers give in many ways and are easy to spot.  They give experience, they listen, they teach, they share a hug, hold a hand, they brighten your day with a smile! They are the ones that ignite your passions, calm your worries and show you there is more to life! Sometimes they even make you angry so you will do something!

These other world travellers do not to this for gratitude or reward. They do it because they know what is outside the walls of your world and they want more for you, and for the world. They know that if all of us learned to travel outside our walls of comfort then we would have a world full of hope! World travellers light the way and let us see the possibilities. So the world would be one full of possibilities!

Next time a world traveller lights up your world, pass it forward. Smile at a stranger, help a friend, volunteer, listen to someone, share yourself!

Then you too will be a world traveller tasting all life has to offer, making a difference and lighting up the world!

Happy Accidents of Life

      I think most of us at one time or another have had to close our eyes and jump without a parachute in this journey called life.  I know I am always a little surprised when I land on my feet after taking a chance,  but I refuse to let fear hold me back from things I want and need to do. I have learned to trust in me enough to channel the fear and make that nervous energy work for me and forge ahead.  I learned this when I was young and it has been a useful tool for me throughout my life.

I think change is scary to most people. It is much more comfy in our safe known areas than out in the unknown, but only by challenging ourselves can really experience all life has to offer!

This is true of most things in life, but this is for sure true in the case of creating in art!  You have to be willing to try different things and to “fail” occasionally. Although personally I never think of it as failing because I learn from that too!  You have to let your creativity flow and then sometimes the things that might seem a failure turn into  “Happy accidents”!

I like that phrase because it is shows that most things in life can be turned to reflect the positive! Amazing how that simple twist in how you perceive something can often change the outcome.

I just try to remember that life is full of choices and you have to take a chance sometimes!  Maybe you have another Happy Accident waiting for you around that next bend!

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” …Einstein

Success is a Four Letter Word

  What does success mean to you? What makes you feel successful? Is it your accomplishments, your life choices, your bank accounts? Or is things you can’t count like the love and laughter in your life?

As much as I live in my “Artsy World of Leslie “, I am just like everyone else and I strive for the ‘Dream’ of being debt free with no money worries. Sometimes in this day to day grind, when I wonder if I will ever get there, I have to sit back and remind myself of my other successes. The ones that only matter to me, the ones that complete my life and money can’t buy. 

I have a wonderful loving family and friends that care about me. I am healthy and my work is my passion. These are things that society doesn’t “count” when measuring a person’s success but to me,these are the things that really matter most. We have to remind ourselves that being successful can take on many shades in our lives, and we shouldn’t base our success meter only on money.   Money isn’t what makes you happy, it is just a tool that allows you to enjoy your real successes without the worry of bills. 

Remember to embrace all the little things that support the big things. Count those little things as successes, because they are the base of everything else in your life.  Money is essential to living in this world we have created, but remember to give yourself your other successes too! The ones that may not be tangible but make your life good!

I believe that if we find this balance everything else will fall into place!

We have to work, play, love and care to be successful in this world. 

Success is a four letter word, because success is life!
“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” …Einstein