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Home is Where You Wear Yoga Pants!

Who you present to the world, decides your quality of interaction with every being you encounter. If you only show a third of yourself than a third of you is all most will see. If you hold in who you really are you are not only being unfair to others but you are being very unfair to yourself. It is a quandary, as most of us want to be loved for our real selves and yet very few of us trust our real selves to the world. Then we lament that people just don’t know us!!

I don’t know about you, but when I sense that someone is not being authentically true to who they are, I disconnect from them. The “show room” tour of someone, is never my cup of tea. I find it a waste of my time because you sense that what you are being shown, has been made all pretty for company. It feels cold, sterile and fake. Where is all their stuff??

I want to see in their closets and pull out their dresser drawers. That is where all the good stuff is kept. That is how you get to really know someone.

I would rather be shown their real ‘home’ with all the clutter, pillows unfluffed, a glass sitting on the counter, a half- filled garbage container sitting out and a dog to trip over on the way to the couch! Now that feels warm and inviting and makes you want to stay curled up for a long visit!

Letting others see us, see our ‘home’, is something we all struggle with I know, because I am the first one to run around doing a quick dust if my doorbell rings. But we must learn to get over that and let people see the real us!

You know how you are when you are relaxing on a Saturday morning at home?  Yoga pants, bagging t-shirt, hair up in a twist knot and just a splash of perfume on because you skipped your shower to have a coffee and lounge with your dog?  Well that soul is vulnerable, real and someone I really want to get to know!

Sure there are times we have to get dressed up to our ‘show room’ look with hair, makeup, nails, heels and a cute little purse, but we all know how uncomfortable we are like that, because what is the first thing you do when you get home? Kick off your heels, change into your yoga pants and put your hair up in a twist knot! You get comfy!!

We have to learn to let our comfy out to play! The only way others will ever see the real you is if you allow yourself to put away the ‘show room’ you and be the comfy ‘home’ you. The one you reserve for only those few trusted loved ones who know and love all the clutter mess that is you!

Why not give it a chance? Why not see if the world will love the real you too? Who knows, maybe you shining your true authentic light will show others that they too can shed their ‘show room’ facades and present the world with their true selves. It could snowball, and before you know it our world would be full of comfy, happy, souls being their authentic selves.  A world full of people that love each other for all our differences and imperfections that truly make us human. Imagine how it would feel to live in that world!!

It starts with each of us taking the chance and letting ourselves shine true!  Open that door to you, smile and invite us in!  After all, we all have a pair of yoga pants just waiting at ‘home’!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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