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Ready, Set…Jump!

I watched my 8 year old great niece achieve a dream of hers last night, and I was so very proud of her for jumping and trusting herself!

She set a goal with clear intentions and followed through with it. She had nerves but spent the week sending out positive thoughts to herself and the universe,  saying over and over…”You can do this” !

I know this, because her mom told me she over heard her constant validation to herself throughout the week. She wanted something and set her goal, told herself it was possible and achieved it in front of thousands of people. She rocked and the positive energy around her was amazing to feel! Her joy in succeeding was truly wonderful.

Now most would say she is too young to know about setting positive intentions, but I don’t believe age is a determining factor, I believe trust in yourself is the key!

Deciding to be positive and trust in yourself can be one of the hardest of lessons to learn in this life.

It’s scary trusting yourself! It’s the biggest leap of faith you will ever take because you only have yourself to rely on. Or at least that is how it feels.

In fact, I believe you have the whole universe with all the infinite power that entail to lean on, but it is funny how it works. If you don’t believe wholly the power isn’t there. You have to totally believe you can for it to be a reality!

That belief can be hard won as there is no way to know for sure unless you believe. I guess that is sort of the test.

You have to have faith in yourself.  You have to jump before you can see where you will land.  You have to jump and put your fear away because fear stops us from moving forward and following our needs and dreams. Fear can stop us from following our soul paths. Fear stops you from trusting yourself and fear stops the universe from responding to your call because you then send out mixed messages of wanting to jump and wanting to stay. So the universe does nothing. See how that works?

I still struggle with this trust. Sometimes it is clear as day to me and other times I allow negative thoughts and fears to cover my light. When I trust and follow through with clear intentions, inevitably the light shines for me. If I allow even slivers of fear to stop my intentions, then things seem to halt and I am filled with doubt and worry. It is all about what energy I send out!

Energy isn’t all that complicated. It is like to like. Negative energy attracts more negative energy. Positive energy attracts positive energy. So it seems simple enough that if you want positive energy around you, you have to give out positive energy! Every thought you think or say, every feeling you emit has an energy around it. That energy is sent out to the world, in fact to the universe! So you have to decide who you are and what kind of energy you want around you. Then set your intentions and trust yourself!

We really are the masters of our own universe. Make yours one filled with light, love and possibilities!


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I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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