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Are You Your Own Worse Enemy?

Learning to value yourself is a process. Getting rid of our negative self thoughts can feel very much like peeling off layers that have been built into our core with each life experience. Depending on how your were raised and how much validation and love you were given as you grew, you can have high self esteem or none at all. It takes work to learn to love and value yourself, as life has a way of challenging those thoughts. 

So many things in life depend on how they are nurtured and valued as they grow.

 Our art is just the same and needs to have tender loving care, in order to grow. That all comes from you the artist! If you don’t value your art then others won’t either.  Just like if you don’t value yourself then others won’t either. We set the standard from within! Finding value in your art is not a matter of how much money you make selling it. It comes from within and needs you to validate it.

 When you give life to something and find only fault with it, that corks your creative energy. Finding fault with something you have created is sort of like faulting yourself! Those inner conversations we all have can be the death of our art! If we say it enough times it becomes your truth! You become your own worse enemy!

Instead we need to learn to find the value in each piece. Maybe it needs more and was only the foundation to an amazing piece! Maybe it  was a good learning experience so you now know how that works? Maybe it got rid of frustration and energy inside you that needed an escape!

So it all has value! Just like we have value! We have to stop judging ourselves and what we create and instead find that self love place that allows us to just create! After all we didn’t learn to walk the first time we stood up! Everything in life that gives us worth takes time to create! Be that a family, a career or a magical piece of art!

Midnight Sea – 22×28 acrylic on canvas

Midnight-Sea (1)


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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