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Whistle in Your Zen

We have been painting our home with new colours and I actually joined in this time! Or I should say I was ‘allowed’ to paint. I know it sounds strange, what with me being an artist, that I haven’t painted walls before, but have you met my husband? He is very very VERY detailed oriented and a perfectionist. I on the other hand am not those things! In fact that is why I love my abstracts as they allow me to colour outside the lines!! However I did pitch in this weekend as we want to put our house up for sale and time counts.
I was given the “Rules”. I was the “W” (I think that stands for walls!!)painter and my husband was the trim and edging man. It went very well and I think I earned brownie points for staying on task and following the rules! The word ‘Perfect” even came from his mouth which if you knew him, is high praise indeed!! I know the rest of my family will smile indulgently when I say I helped, thinking I only held the ladder or moved a chair!! You can’t really blame them as I am not much of a handyman, but I will know that not only did I paint but I used a screwdriver and took off and replaced all light switch and electrical covers!!

Anyway, with the hours of painting I realiized something quite amazing.! That I could go to my Zen Place of painting even with walls being my canvas!

It made me wonder if others find their Zen places in work too? Does the roofer find an inner peace from hammering nails? Does a drywall person go there as they apply and smooth? I have always known that artistic endeavours like music and poetry take people to their Zen place but I never thought about other venues that were seemingly not artistic. Is this why fishermen love to fish? Why boaters find  such joy? Why Chef’s get lost in their tastes and smells?

Here I thought Zen painting was a place where I was fortunate enough to go and it turns out that many many things can take one to this place of peace. Which leads one to think it isn’t the activity so much as the state of mind you allow yourself to enjoy! Maybe the  Sleeping Beauty  Dwarves had it right and everyone can “Whistle while they Work”?? You just have to have the mindset of feeling happy while you work!

Who knew the key to happiness isn’t just about our relaxing happy times but can also be applied to even the mundane yet never the less joyful thing called work! Just set your mind to happy and everything you do can lead you down the road to Whistle in your Zen!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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