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Say Hello to You

Do you know you? There is a distinct way each of us must find to connect to our inner selves and cores. It is interesting to me how each of us finds our way inside to ourselves.  Some use their passions in forms of art and music. Others use physical exercise, others listen to spiritual guidance. There are also a ton of books and videos that will take you on the path of the author or commentator, but and this is a big but, all anyone can do is share what works for them. I think that anything that opens the door to your inner self and starts you exploring you is a good thing. Others experiences and knowledge can be a helpful starting point, but I also believe that our own unique journey inward must come from a most personal perspective. There is no way that one way works for all. This is not a one size fits all journey.

I have always disliked one size fits all perspectives. In cloths and in life. It limits us right from the get go on what the creator of that one size felt was right. Most women can relate to this simply by remembering the last one size fits all piece of clothing we tried on. How in the world can one size fit all when we come in so many different sizes? The same can be said for our soul connecting. How can one perspective possibly fit all? To believe that, you have to believe that we all start out the same, experience every experience the same and respond the same to each of those experiences. Impossible odds that! Doomed to failure just like when a size 4 and size 16 woman are expected to wear the same one size top!

My art has been my way of connecting to my inner self on a very personal level. Through this expression I have discovered me and learned more about myself than other venues I tried over the years. Painting and creating opens me and has torn down walls and built new avenues into me that I never knew existed.

Getting to know yourself is a lifetime journey because every experience gives us a knew perspective, so the journey into ourselves is never ending. This isn’t a bad thing in fact it is exciting! I think if you listen quietly to your inner conversations you will learn more about yourself than 100 books , written by 100 other people, can teach you.
So how do you start to connect with your inner self and begin trusting and getting to know you?

First off almost everyone has had experience with our inner selves giving us advice and ideas.  You know those times when thoughts and ideas come to you, sometimes from out of the blue! Those times when you get a distinct shove from inside saying Yes! Those are times your inner you is talking to you!  Learn to trust and listen to those inner conversations. The more you listen the more you will hear. Look on it like getting reacquainted with an old trusted friend. One you maybe haven’t seen or talked to in a long while.

You know how when you meet an old friend and at first the conversation is stilted then as you warm up and remember each other the conversation starts to flow freely? Connecting with yourself is very much the same. At first it will feel strange and stilted, but soon it will feel familiar and eventually it will be like a safe, comfortable fire side chat with an old friend.  Hello and welcome home!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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