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Enjoy Yourself!

                                                                                                                                          December 2015

I just love Christmas time! You know why? I love seeing  how happy everyone feels and  the energy of people who are full of easy smiles. I just love the spirit of the season!

But the hustle and bustle of everything that needs to be done can overshadow the simple beauty of the season if we let it!  Remember as we float into the Christmas season that the most important thing you have to do is smile and enjoy. The rest of it will work out, it always does!
This wasn’t an easy lesson for me to learn and just like most mom’s,  over the years I spent  a lot time trying to find the perfect gift, wrapping them up all special, baking, cooking and cleaning to make Christmas wonderful!  Yet  now when my grown children visit and we  talk about  Christmas past do you know what we remember??  Christmas Eve’s  with all the family and friends packed together  loving each other, sharing a bite and singing carols!!  Memories of driving around looking at Christmas lights!  Christmas morning with breakfast smells baking in the oven and music playing,or something funny that someone said or a game we played! Or the time the oven didn’t work and the turkey wasn’t cooked till  8 pm!!
As the years roll by it  becomes clearer to me that of all the things I did trying to make it the best Christmas ever for my family, the most important things cost nothing!  The memories we most treasure have little to do with things and everything to do with family and love!  No one remembers what presents they got for Christmas 5 years ago but the memory of times together laughing and loving those are the ones that we recall and treasure. The lesson I have learned is  I no longer worry about everything being perfect and I just enjoy the season!
So this season give yourself that gift! The gift of taking time to enjoy all those small beautiful moments and if that means Auntie Costco“ does the baking then that is just fine!  It is way more soul rewarding to watch that silly Santa movie cuddled up on the couch or play a board game with the kids! There are a million wonderful lovely things you can do that only require you to.  be present and smiling. The perfect way to enjoy the spirit of the season is to enjoy it all!  After all  the most important moments don`t  come from an oven or a store but from the heart!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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