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Do You Make a Difference?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about how some people make such a difference to the world, and wondering why some people do and some people don’t.. The difference to me seems to this. So many people spend their time all wrapped up in their own world. They can’t see past the walls of their own making. Walls painted with their own colours and decorated to fit. Feeling secure and safe, and unchallenged to change. They stay in their own worlds and never leave!

Then there are people who don’t stay only in their own world but are in fact other world travellers! They visit, they invest, they share and they explore! These are the people who change things. These are the people who make others change things. They show us that there is more to life than just their world. They teach us all that by giving and sharing we enrich our own worlds. That by giving your receive! Without these people we would all be living in our isolated worlds happily content to think that is all there is, oblivious to wonder of other world travel. Never knowing the joy that can be experienced by simply giving!
These World travellers give in many ways and are easy to spot.  They give experience, they listen, they teach, they share a hug, hold a hand, they brighten your day with a smile! They are the ones that ignite your passions, calm your worries and show you there is more to life! Sometimes they even make you angry so you will do something!

These other world travellers do not to this for gratitude or reward. They do it because they know what is outside the walls of your world and they want more for you, and for the world. They know that if all of us learned to travel outside our walls of comfort then we would have a world full of hope! World travellers light the way and let us see the possibilities. So the world would be one full of possibilities!

Next time a world traveller lights up your world, pass it forward. Smile at a stranger, help a friend, volunteer, listen to someone, share yourself!

Then you too will be a world traveller tasting all life has to offer, making a difference and lighting up the world!


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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