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Are You a Dreamer?


There are all kinds of people in the world and we need all of them to make the world balanced but I am a Dreamer! My mind is an endless chain of creative thoughts,ideas and my dreams! It never shushes! Sometimes I feel sorry for my loved ones, as keeping up with me and my dreams must be exhausting! 

I know not everyone is like me and I often wonder what it is like for others? Do some people just live happily in their contentment?  I wonder what that feels like? I guess we are all just wired differently because I love how my mind never settles and is constantly dreaming up new and exciting possibilities!

I believe there are two types of dreamers! Those that dream and those that achieve their dreams! Dreaming is easy but reaching for those dreams takes courage because you have to trust yourself!

Trusting in yourself is tough and I, like everyone else,have my moments of doubt.  Should I? Could I? Can I? However, self affirmation is a large part of my mind set and I believe in order to succeed at something, you have to be willing to trust your instincts and jump!  You have to be willing to listen to those inner voices that nudge and prod and follow through with what they tell you to do. You have to be willing to go into unknown places without knowing if you will succeed!

In fact, you have to be willing to fail and then realize it was just one move that failed not your entire dream! Every successful person, has a fail story that they will gladly tell you because they know that these so called fails are what helped them succeed at their dreams! 

 I have learned in my lifetime, that the things I have achieved that mean the most to me, took the most risk. I also know when I take a chance and jump there are two results. Either I learn a valuable lesson or I will reach out and touch my dream and achieve. In my book, even the epic fails are a positive achievement ,as at least I tried!  Heck I wouldn’t even be an artist if I hadn’t followed my dream, and listened to those voices that told me to jump! It’s the best thing I ever did for me!

To me, being successful isn’t about money or fame! Being successful in life is following your dreams by going for it and trusting yourself! Unless you try something you will never know if you could, if you should or if it is even possible!

This doesn’t mean I think people should put their lives in danger or take foolish risks! This is not what I mean at all!  I mean challenge yourself. Little steps count too! Dreams don’t have to be big they just have to be followed! Dreams can be many baby steps as you gain trust in yourself that the world didn’t end because you tried. In fact, for me, the world is full of rainbow colours because I do try!

I think life should be about learning something new and doing something different! Taking the “Road less travelled.” If you dream of painting try it! If you think you have a book in you, write it! If you want a different job, figure it out! Start that business, learn to dance, sing or whatever it was you dared to dream before life gave you road blocks to your dreams.

When you look back on your journey wouldn’t it be wonderful to say yes I am a dreamer and some of them even came true!

One, Two, Three………..Jump!

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” …Einstein


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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