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Grow Your Own Roses!

We are all so different. Each of our souls like snow flakes and not one the same as the next. Similar perhaps but uniquely individual too! Yet we, as humanity, feel we know what is right for each other. We assume and presume that what we see and know is everyone’s truth! 

 We judge and decide for others if their lives are indeed ‘right’ and if they are deemed successful. We as a society we judge this on some predetermined graph of life that someone somewhere said was true. If someone doesn’t work we judge and label them.If someone works hard their whole life people will say what a shame they wasted their life working, they should have stopped and smelled the roses while he had a chance! 

This got me thinking because the thing is, maybe they did smell the roses, but their roses were for their eyes only! Roses are different for everyone and everyone has different colours of roses. So we cannot decide if someone is taking time to smell the roses for they very well might be, just you cant see it because your roses are different from theirs!

We are each on our own journey and if we spend our time chasing what others consider to be roses, then we will spend our lives walking on another persons path.That doesn’t work on any level for your soul. What makes me happy, what gives me joy, may be and probably is different than yours. This is as it should be! How boring would we be if each of us had the same dreams? The same roses? If we all saw exactly the same colours in our gardens!

When you are on the right path for you, there is a feeling that comes from deep inside telling you this is right! You will shine from within and be happy effortlessly. You will smell your roses because they will be the ones you planted and tended to in your own garden. They will be beautiful because they are yours, and yours alone.

 Imagine the beautiful garden humanity will have when we all grow our own roses! 

” A rose by any other name……….is not a rose!”


About My Artistique Soul

I am an empathic artistic soul who loves to share my thoughts, musings and spiritual journey!

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